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The Heart Of Davie Village

Should Heart Of Davie Village sign be a permanent feature in West End?

Published on: December 29, 2017

The Heart of Davie Village - Vancouver | 36 x 36 | Oil on canvas | 2018

The Heart of Davie Village is a 4×4-foot heart-shaped neon sign that was unveiled earlier this month as part of the Lumiere Vancouver winter light festival.
Artist Jim Balakshin, the sign’s designer, described the Heart of Dave Village as “a recognition of the historical geography of the Davie Village and the contributions of the community towards the political advancements of LGBTQ2+ rights across Canada.”

The art piece, installed at Davie Street near Burrard, is only scheduled to be up until the third week of February but there is an active campaign to keep the sign there forever.
More than 500 people have signed an online petition at to make the sign permanent.
“The community just loves this new sign, but it’s not permanent yet.  There are some hurdles to overcome, such as insurance and the fact it sits on private property.  Show your support to make this a permanent sign in Davie Village by signing our petition.  This petition will be shared with the West End BIA, and it is hoped that the #heartofdavievillage sign will become permanent,” the petition reads.

DANCELAND Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan

after David Thauberger 1979, Dana Clayton 2010 and Kevin Boyle 2015
DANCELAND ~ Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan | 24 x 36 | Oil on Canvas | 2017


Signs of Yesterday by Will RAFUSE
Leslie Levy Fine Art ~ Scottsdale, Arizona
CANTER'S DELI & BAKERY ~ LOS ANGELES | 36 x 36 | Oil on canvas | 2017

FELIX CHEVROLET ~ LOS ANGELES | 36 x 36 | Oil on canvas | 2017


Marietta Cobb Museum of Art to feature Coca-Cola Company and Mason Fine Art Collections

Executive Director Sally Macaulay and Curator Kelsey Moran

100 Years of the Coca-Cola Bottle | 40 x 40 | Oil on canvas | 2015

Star Drug Store  Drink Coca-Cola | 40 x 46 | Oil on canvas | 2015

  • Sally Litchfield  Apr 10, 2016

  • The Marietta Cobb Museum of Art will present a new exhibit “Catch the Wave: The Coca-Cola Company and Mason Fine Art Collections,” opening April 16 through June 26.The exhibit will feature original works by artists such as Norman Rockwell, Haddon Sundblom and Andy Warhol, along with contemporary artists such as Steve Penley, Kate Brinkworth and Todd Ford.
    “Throughout history, The Coca-Cola Company has linked its flavors with the most popular designs and lifestyles of the era through the art of advertisement,” said Kennesaw resident Kelsey Moran, MCMA Curator.
    MCMA will feature traditional and contemporary art. “The fact that we are showcasing a Coca-Cola exhibit implies that we are featuring the art of advertisement. Indeed we are, with the timeless and original paintings of Rockwell and his studies for advertisement used by The Coca-Cola Company, interpretations of Coke by Andy Warhol, and, of course, Sundblom’s Santa Clause,” she said.
    The exhibit is a unique chance for the community.
    “This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Coca-Cola is everywhere, it is such an integral part of culture, and it is a rare opportunity to be able to stand in front of the artwork that started it all and continues to propel the company,” Moran said.
    As part of the exhibit, MCMA will unveil a community display made with 20-ounce Coca-Cola products. “The community and local schools have worked hard to decorate these bottles in order for this public art display to be unique to Marietta Square,” she said.
    “This exhibition will surely provide the community with a nostalgic glimpse of the ‘good old times,’ providing a refreshing pause from the chaos of today’s world and a moment to be wowed by the contemporary works from the Coca-Cola Archives and Mason Fine Art Gallery; Otto Lange, Kim Karelson, James Zamora, Sally Tharp, Will Rafuse, and Cason Adams,” Moran said.
    “The Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art is honored to exhibit work of such caliber, and would like to thank The Coca-Cola Company and Mason Fine Art for making this possible,” Moran said.
    The opening reception is April 16, from 6 to 8 p.m. The exhibit is free for Members, $10 for guests. Carriage House Catering has prepared a special menu with Coca-Cola as the featured ingredient.