Friday, September 27, 2019

HO HO CHOP SUEY | 48" X 24" | Oil on canvas | 2019

36” X 36”
Oil on canvas
Available at The Kurbatoff Gallery
2435 Granville Street

The Ho Ho Restaurant, formerly at 100 East Pender Street, Vancouver, opened in 1954, was owned and operated by the Quon family; since the late 1990s it has operated under different ownership. The eatery represented one of the numerous restaurants and curio shops that opened in Chinatown after World War II to cater to non-Chinese curiosity and tastes. It indicates an important warming in attitudes towards the city's Chinese, as well as a new phase in Chinatown's commercial development. Upstairs, the Sun Ah Hotel's 48 rooms were typical of the small, crowded, lodgings available to working-class Chinese men. Perhaps it was some of these men who were - on repeated occasions - sanctioned for gambling on the premises in 1915-18.
Sign installed in 1954 by Wallace Neon.
Source: City of Vancouver Heritage Conservation Program

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